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Skype Breaks Web Services with a Default Setting

Well here’s a fun problem. WAMP wouldn’t start, so I did netstat -aon.

I looked up the PID beside the listening port 80 and found that SKYPE was serving port 80 and 443 for some unknown reason. Seems Skype in all their wisdom made it a default setting to use the web service ports as an alternate incoming port number.

For many users this might be fine because they’ll never need to run a web server on their machine. For a web developer, however, those ports are crucial. Why this is a default setting is beyond me.
skype uses port 80 and 443 by defaultFind the Tools Menu and select Options. In the dialogue that opens Click the Advanced Sidebar Tab and select Connections. In that dialogue, pictured above, you will find the default setting. Turn it off to get your port 80 and 443 back.

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