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Corsair H60 2nd failure



For the 2nd time my Corsair H60 has started making odd noises and today my CPU went above 100 degrees (190 at one point). My motherboard shut down the system because of the failure. Here’s hoping there’s no irreparable damage to my CPU. (Probably micro-fractures in the die but only time will tell.)

Corsair, to their credit, have already replaced this unit once. The same thing happened with the other one. Pump began making odd noises and then must have failed altogether.

Normally the pump doesn’t make any noise really and doesn’t indicate it’s working, so when it does fail, it tends to fail silently. This design causes damage to your CPU, which is not really the kind of thing you’re looking for in a water cooling solution. Stability is usually one of those things you expect from such a product.

I hope Corsair will be so good as to replace my H60 with something newer. I hope it is something that can indicate whether or not it’s working. Replacing these water coolers in my computer is beginning to be more effort and potential damage to my PC than it’s worth.

[EDIT] Corsair offered to replace the unit straight away and I’ll be getting the slightly newer version of the H60. Here’s hoping the pump seizing issue is resolved.

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Point of View


Why are desks and chairs designed so poorly?

Don’t get me wrong. They’re typically comfortable enough in all of the obvious ways, but I have yet to find a desk & chair combo that doesn’t force you to look downward at your screen.

Maybe I just have a long torso. I’m fairly average in height.  (172cm ~ 5’7″)

I’d like to be able to lower the average chair by about 6″ or raise my monitors. I think I’ll start putting my monitors on something so I can sit up straight while I work.

Alternately, I could purchase an ergonomic solution.

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XBOX 360 Red Dead Redemption Lockup

So I was trying to play the last Armadillo mission when the action suddenly froze, but my controller kept rumbling and the game sounds continued.

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Flying Solo


If there’s one thing I’ve learned over time; it’s how to tell when a relationship is over. With artists they seem to be over before they begin.

I like to be kind and respectful when things are over. I don’t believe in burning bridges. Maybe that makes some women hate me more – because they want to move on but they can’t justify hating me. That would just be easier.

Life is strange and wonderful. I do cherish these chance encounters, and I hope that everyone I meet remains a friend; even if we part ways.


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Problems with the V7 VC-3207 LCD TV/DVD Combo

The V7 VC-3207 is awful

I was so happy. I came home with a TV that was worth $800 at the time for $400. What a deal!

Well my jubilation was to be short lived. I purchased this set on the 24th of July, 2008. Well it’s already dead and it’s almost two months old.

“What happened,” you might ask. Well it simply stopped turning on. The DVD unit still let me open and close the tray and the DVD itself would spin so I assume that part works. The rest of the TV is completely unresponsive, even though the standby light is on.

“Bring it back to the store”, you say. Well I tried calling them and apparently Staples Business Depot’s return policy only covers the first 30 days, and then I have to deal with the manufacturer.

“That doesn’t sound so bad”, you say. Well Staples Business Depot was even kind enough to search out the manufacturer’s phone number because has no mention of this device on their site. Nor do they offer any telephone technical support.

Indeed when I called the number I was provided, I was provided with yet another forwarding number. This number brought me to an actual company. Now, one would think I would be greeted with a professional tone and helpful staff. V7 has neither of these things. I was told twice that I had called the wrong number because V7 does not make an LCD/DVD combo unit. These people were flat-out lying as I pressed them for an answer as to whether they were from the same company that made it. One man answered what I think is the truth. He told me that they are the same company, but the company I had called isn’t the part that makes the unit I had bought. Both phone calls I was hung up on by a rather rude woman (the second call I was transferred to her). She simply hung up on me mid-sentence while insisting that I had called the wrong company and she could not tell me the right number to call.

After emailing the technical support email account on I was directed to yet another company!

This company is I filled out their request form and they have not contacted me since.

So let me summarise here. I’ve been lied to and the company which manufactured my TV denies its existence, I’ve talked to 3 companies in the process of trying to get a satisfactory answer as to what is going to be done about my brand new paperweight and I’ve wasted my own time which is worth more than just money (but it’s worth enough money too).

I’m a very frustrated Staples Business Depot customer at this point but I was happy to speak to their representative the second time. After offering me the phone number and hearing how V7 treated me, he told me that Staples would likely be able to do something for me such as a refund.

Usually I’m lucky with purchases such as this one but this time I seem to have hit the bottom of the barrell. V7 is the worst company I know of for technical support.

I just hope this all gets resolved in such a way as I get a new TV. I don’t even want a refund at this point. I just want a working display for my room so I can get back to the ten thousand other things pestering me at the moment that are more important.

Ugh… >_>

EDIT: I was called by Staples again and the representative gave me a number that did, in fact, provide technical support for the V7 in the US and Canada. I was told I would have to somehow get my set to Markham and I was given an RMA number. Now I just have to figure out how to get a big TV to Markham with no car.

EDIT: It’s fixed! I have just received my set back from Venturer Electronics in Markham. Once I spoke to them they were quite kind to me and returned it fully functional on Oct. 20th. I’m just glad I have this over with and don’t have to think of it anymore.

EDIT (Oct 23rd): Okay so I hadn’t tried hooking up my PS3 until last night. It doesn’t work using HDMI anymore. The issue seems to be with the PS3 or with the HDCP support for my TV. My laptop outputs HDMI just fine to it using the same cable. I can’t get my PS3 to do anything other than display a black screen at all.

I’ve tried resetting the config on the PS3 by holding the power button and waiting for the second beep several times. I’ve tried manually configuring it for HDMI. I’ve tried leaving both the TV and the PS3 disconnected from power for a long time and then plugging them back in. After this I tried everything several times again. Still no luck, only a black screen displaying HDMI1 480P in the dialog box at the top right.


All this and Trent University is useless again. Their bookstore hours are wrong on the website so I missed my first opportunity to get my books. By the time I went to get them, they were out of the book for the one course where I was told specifically that I need to keep up with the readings. I had one due for tonight and it’s still not available.