Hello all, I’m the author of most of the posts you’ll see on this blog, except where otherwise noted.

I’m a web developer and I previously worked at, Whatever Solutions & Media Inc. , GRIP LimitedKlick Inc., The Secret Location, Workopolis, and SERMO on award-winning projects.

I currently work at Corus Digital with some wonderful people on some wonderful projects.

At one point I made my own blogging engine but became so busy with actual client work that adding features to it and maintaining it became more work than simply working in WordPress, so here we are. Enjoy!

In my free time I dabble in creating my own games, music, and other media.

You can also find some of my art endeavours at my Tumblr or my DeviantArt page.

My Gmail account is eanbowman.

5 replies on “About”

Yay! I’m so glad!

Beware: I upgraded the distribution and the touchscreen went back to being 1/4 of the screen and upside down so… avoid that for now.

Thanks for the touchscreen guide on the Insignia 11. I haven’t done it yet but plan to.
Your last post suggests that current version(s?) might not work well.
Any advice on what versions to use that would work well?

I don’t remember. I think 2018.04 worked.

I have been running Elementary OS with no touchscreen for a long time on it.

Perhaps I will try this again.

P.S. You both commented on the About page of my site for some reason.

Any guide to follow for installing Elementary?
I don’t relish spending a lot of time trying things; I’d just want to do it quickly if possible.
What else works/doesn’t work on Elementary?

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