• Hello, and welcome to my resume!
  • I’m so glad to see you here today! I'm is always looking for new and exciting opportunities. As you can see, I like to create interactive environments.
  • I spend a lot of personal time on making neat things as well! I like to work in Unity 3D and Blender to create interactive presentations and games.
  • I took computer science at Trent University, and have worked at many world-class companies. I work very hard to make sure the projects are done well!
  • Click on one of the screens to my left to see a sample of my work!


June 2022

Prodigy Games

Title: Game Developer / Software Developer
June 26th, 2022 - Present

I'm currently developing features for and maintaining live ops for this lovely math practise tool MMORPG for kids!

It's a wonderful place to work with lovely, supportive team members and a fun and beautiful product to work on. What a treat!

Working with TypeScript and Pixi.js as well as some custom platforms developed by the team.

Nov 2020


Title: 3D Artist and Unity 3D Developer
Nov 2020 - Present

A project to create an online virtual reality convention space for an in-person event.

I was brought on to create a few simple 3D asset props but ended up taking on more responsibility as the project progressed.

I filled a few different roles both because those roles were required and because they presented an interesting challenge.

In the end I gained a *lot* of experience with Unity 3D, UdonSharp, VRchat world creation, VRChat character creation, and Blender.

You can sample the VR worlds from the Hotel Lobby world hub!

June 2017


Title: Web Developer
June 2017 - June 2022

Many projects in .NET with Ektron, PHP Drupal and WordPress sites, and everything in-between. At Corus many sites for different shows and other properties are hosted on a variety of platforms. Maintaining them calls upon a deep understanding of programming in general, creative thinking, and an ability to problem solve.

More recently we have performed a switch of our core web technologies over to a combination of WordPress with GraphQL, ReactJS, NodeJS, Apollo, NextJS, and our own custom libraries. This transition was a great learning experience and I feel ready to take on more advanced projects in ReactJS now. Working with this technology has been fun and rewarding.

I took part in the conversion of https://www.corusent.com/ over to a more accessible website using the tool SiteImprove to monitor and guide our accessibility efforts. This is something I have prior experience in having done accesibility conversions of government websites for Whatever Solutions & Media Inc. in the 2000s.

May 2017

SERMO (WorldOne)

Title: Front End Web Developer
December 2015 - May 2017

Created rapid prototypes of new design ideas, working closely with the design team to execute beautiful and functional interfaces for a doctor social media site. Created interfaces for customer portals and user facing web apps which allow doctors to rate and see ratings on drugs, share anonymized case questions, and collaborate on treating patients.

Used a Ruby on Rails and Vue.JS stack, as well as a bit of Angular.JS in this position, and worked fully remotely with the teams in New York, Boston, and Belarus.



Title: UI Developer
Mar. 2014 - Nov. 2015

Working on legacy and new .NET platforms I'm responsible for UX and UI work on the Workopolis website.


The Secret Location

Title: Freelance Wordpress Developer
Nov. 2013 - Mar. 2014

I was responsible for a custom Wordpress theme for Big Brother Canada 2. This custom theme used Grunt scripts and Jade templates to compile a static site which interfaces with various dynamic components to offer a full, dynamic web experience that scales rapidly using Amazon AWS services to deal with sudden load spikes. The Big Brother Canada 2 website experienced massive load spikes when the show aired and instructed viewers to head to the website and play various games. I also created a custom theme for YTV's The Next Star.


Klick Inc.

Title: Web Developer
Nov. 2011 - Nov. 2013

My .NET knowledge is applied here toward creating beautiful solutions for many of our pharmaceutical and non-pharma clients. I've created back-end systems for internal use by clients and public-facing websites using angular.js, foundation, Twitter Bootstrap and many other technologies and frameworks.


Grip Limited

Title: Web Developer
Feb. 2010 - Nov. 2011

As a web developer I worked on back-end and front-end code for fortune-500 clients in many industries. We made award winning products and while working at Grip I watched the company grow from 85 employees to over 150, with a significant growth in the Interactive department.


Whatever Solutions & Media Inc.

Title: Lead Programmer
2005 - Feb. 2010

As lead programmer at a small marketing firm in Peterborough I enjoyed the best of both worlds. I got to wear many hats, programming some days and designing user interfaces others. The expectation was that I should rise to any occasion and excel at providing the solution that best suits our clients' needs.



Title: Web Developer, Illustrator
2004 - 2005

While attending Trent University I took on some freelance web development and illustration jobs.



My formal training in Computer Science is from Trent University in Peterborough. An excellent small-city university it provided the opportunity to interact with my professors and to get deep into a subject that I love.

My experience at Trent has been critical to my understanding of Software Project Development & Management. Anyone can code. Not many can organise and code well.