Daily Musings

Google got Bing’ed?

I just loaded up my web browser to see this:

Google got Bing'ed?

Daily Musings

Blogging from my phone


So I found this great application for managing your blog from an android phone. I’m trying it out right now. We’ll see how things look after.

Daily Musings

I am now an android

An Android user that is.

Android Logo

I’ve picked up the T-Mobile G1, unlocked it, enabled it on Fido and I have to say that it’s a pretty nice phone.

A word of warning to my fellow Fido customers. If you buy any smartphone without a data package, Fido won’t allow you to hang yourself by using data. They actually prevent you from using data a-la-carte and you must get a plan.

This means you need a data plan for at least one month to use a G1 on Fido. You need access to GPRS/EDGE at very least to log into Google using your Google account. I used my GMail account to log in.

After that part of the process the phone is completely under your control, but until you log into your Google account, you can’t even make a regular phone call. You can only make emergency calls.

Fido GPRS APN Settings:
Username: fido
Password: fido

You can safely leave the rest of the settings default. Oh and in case you need to know how to get into the APN settings menu, press the MENU button and select APN Settings from the menu which appears.