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10x Digital Zoom f=3.85mm Megapixel Dollar Store Webcam

I took apart this $3 webcam from the dollar store. It has an EtronTech chip with the numbers eSP270D4 D4F105.11 printed on it. I took a high resolution scan of it because it was so tiny and hard to read.

I still haven’t found drivers for it but I fear it’s just a dud. Like most cheap cameras that claim to be a Megapixel or more, it is in fact a 0.3 Megapixel CCD. That’s the same resolution as old televisions, and it’s quite blurry. It comes zoomed in. There’s no way to adjust the zoom. It’s just a zoomed in plastic lens screwed directly to the CCD. Unscrewing the back removes the lens from the CCD.

Here’s a picture of the circuit board.


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