Daily Musings

Vlog THursday!

Today I’m talking about Furnal Equinox 2020 and my little platformer demo.
Daily Musings

Vlog Thursday

Daily Musings

Vlog Thursday – Finish it February is a Success!

I get buffeted by strong winds and you can still hear me! Yay for audio recorders!
Daily Musings

Vlog Thursday!

Today I talk about my progress with many things, how I’m accomplishing game dev only one hour a night and how I’m going to keep things going moving forward!
Daily Musings Music

Great Chunes

I’ve decided to share some embeds to some music I’ve been listening to. I like a lot of electronic music, but I also like music of all kinds. Let me know some of your favourites and I’ll check them out!

Crema Binaria

by chibi-tech

This single is great and has a lot of fun energy. I plan to buy this one soon. It isn’t in my BandCamp library yet, but it should be.


by HouseBreaker

HouseBreaker kind-of disappeared for a while but I love their tunes. Sometimes emotional but always gentle somehow, they are great to listen to any time.


by ? GOJII ?

This one has some really nice glitchy electronic goodness, with cute samples and just a wonderful sound overall. I’m always happy when these songs come into my playlist’s rotation.


by drgnfkr

Literally electronic background music made for a D&D campaign, but it has such a great adventure game ambience that’s very listenable any time. I love their work!

Commerce Valley Sunrise

by Famitory

Messy and noisy, this music is bound to stimulate your over-active imagination. A good listen for high energy!


by ????(Camellia)

I love the track What the Cat which appears on one of the latest song packs for Beat Saber! The whole album is pretty good, and honestly furry a f.

That’s all for now! Do you have any favourite listens you’d like to share? Please do share them in comments section below! Bye for now!