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Hello there

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Hi! I’m Lilithe Bowman. My pronouns are she/her!

That’s the name I’ve chosen now that I’m on my way in this journey of transitioning.

When did I make this decision?

I committed to it recently, but this has been a long time coming. Ever since I was a teenager, something was not quite right.

I fit in with the boys just fine, I guess, but I was always weird. I tried my best to enjoy the lot I had in life. I didn’t really even consider that it would be possible to be anything but myself. Lots of the supportive wisdom of the time challenged us to boldly be ourselves. But I took that to mean you have to make the best out of the body and circumstances you are given.

Obviously that’s not a recipe for being a very happy person. I was pretty distant throughout highschool. My dad had just died, but I was also grappling with a secondary school experience wrought with 90s passive and active homophobia, etc.

I definitely didn’t feel like it would ever be okay for me to be gay and I didn’t even know that being trans was a thing. I had seen some talk shows and movies featuring intersex people as a kid and was intrigued, and wished I could know what that was like.

There’s a lot to talk about here and if I’m feeling up to it, I’ll fill you in. I may post more about this later.

What should I call you?

I’m starting to look a little more womanly so I’d appreciate being called Lilithe now. Might be better if everyone gets used to it. I also like “Lili” and “Lil” so I’m fine with those too!

What are your plans for…?

At this point I don’t know what I’m going to do about a variety of things. I did buy the domain under my new name for 10 years so, I’m pretty decided on that. I will take care of the various changes as I can and try not to procrastinate on them or put any important name changes / forms off.

What if I make a mistake?

It’s okay to make mistakes. As long as you don’t make it a big deal or anything I’m sure it will be forgiven. I’m sure it’ll happen and I understand completely.

Just make some kind of effort and I’ll appreciate it greatly. It really does make my day to be supported.

What if I’m against it?

If you’re idealistically against what I am doing with myself and my own life, then I probably won’t talk to you. Best for both of us. So if you feel inflexible on the issue of transgender people and transitioning, you’re not my friend. We can talk again when you can cope with the differences of others. Bye.

By Lilithe (formerly Ean)

5 replies on “Hello there”

You have my full support and LOVE Lili. From one sister to her little sister;
You rock, Continue to be brave and strong.

So very pleased to meet you Lilithe and I love that you are sharing this with us. We all love and support 1000%. I remember living down the road from you… I wish you could have grown up feeling like who you felt like…. I loved you as Ean and I love you too Lilithe.


Hey, I’m not sure what to write, but I think that congratulations are in order. I believe that it has been a long journey and not an easy one. I have many gay friends, but you will be the first trans friend. Congrats for your courage and congrats for being yourself! Though I’m far away, you can count on my support! πŸ™‚

Well Lil, I remember those secondary school years and Im sorry you had that iner struggle but Im glade you have found your path. We all have one. No path is the same. You dont need my support becuse you have always had my friendship.

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