Daily Musings

Happy Valentine’s Day

Well people, happy St. Valentine‘s day.

My love is sleeping in her bed as the day wastes away… I suppose we’ll spend some time together later.

Myself, I like to wake up and enjoy the day. What is happy about today? If you don’t have a certain someone to share it with, could you share it with friends and/or family who have nothing to do as well? *shrug*

Well… This morning I basically did some work from home that I won’t get paid for. Server management stuff… and now I think I’ll be going out for coffee.


My friend and co-worker Corby a.k.a. Kork has set up a great place to discuss your XML related questions. Check it out! It’s

See you there!

[Edit 2009/01/29 – It seems Corby has taken down]

By Lilithe (formerly Ean)